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Weekly Schedule

Leap Yoga


  • Monday 9:00am - Vinyasa Flow

  • Monday 10:15am - Yin Yoga

  • Tuesday 12pm - Vinyasa Flow



Lotus Garden Meditation Center 

  • Monday 5pm -  Slow Flow Vinyasa

  • Tuesday 9am - Gentle Deep Stretch

  • Wednesday 8:45am - Slow Flow Vinyasa

  • Thursday 9am Gentle Deep Stretch  



Gold River Racquet Club


  • Tuesday 7:30am - Gentle Deep Stretch 



Corporate Yoga


  • Agilent: Tuesday/Wednesday 2:30pm

Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Center

  •  Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:45am

Yoga for Recovery

   Recovery Happens

The Art of Yoga Project 

Mitchell Middle School - Rancho Cordova, CA

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